Payday loans debt consolidation -Quick app for a real debt consolidation

The economic crisis that most countries are going through has raised levels of financial stress, creating an excessive burden on the population. Financial tools are an excellent solution when we want to regain control of our finances. Quick app for a real debt consolidation It is normal for you to hear people speak badly about credits, and it is also […]

Debt consolidation and bankruptcy

Debt allows you to do things that otherwise could not normally be done, such as starting a business, going to college, or paying for a home. Debt builds buildings and investments of funds and entire companies – even the government is financed by debt. The trick is to favor the debts that help the cause and ban those that don’t. […]

Loans: active agreements

Astro agreements for loans with assignment of the fifth Astro loans? Yes thanks! Among the advantages to be registered with the National Social Security and Assistance Body of Doctors and Dentists there is certainly that of being able to access subsidized loans with the transfer of the fifth. These agreements are the result of agreements and negotiations that guarantee better […]

The untold story about small loan

  small Loan is a correspondent bank, ie it acts directly as an intermediary between customers and the bank. This activity makes it much easier to get credit directly to the individual, however, it can only be practiced by legal entities that are authorized directly by the Asload bank, such as small. Founded in 2014, small is a groundbreaking finance […]

Interesting credit statistics for negatives

Nowadays official data on default has shown that the Brazilian, in fact, is a good payer. In fact, overdue debt has already decreased by 12.27% nationwide in the last year, taking into account debts with financial, credit cards and banks, according to Serasa indicators. This talks a lot about credit for negatives. Overall, credit represents a significant value in our […]

Loans without guarantees

Let’s face it: obtaining a loan without guarantees is a really difficult task. The question to ask is: would I lend money to someone without him giving me a solid guarantee on their return? Basically this is the question that banks and financial companies ask themselves when a customer asks them for a loan. If the guarantees are missing, the […]

What Would a Loan-Free World Look Like for Negative Individuals

  The cost of living in Brazil has been increasingly high and, oddly enough, the minimum wage does not keep up with this increase. Because of this, many people have had difficulty paying their bills on time and purchasing new movable and immovable property. Fortunately, there is a loan for a negative individual. This loan ensures that you can resort […]

How can a negative loan help my financial situation?

Being in debt is never one of the most enjoyable situations, isn’t it? We understand this very well, and the situation can get even worse if you cannot repay your debts and end up being negative, so comes the usefulness of the loan for negative . It is normal to beat that despair lightly, and many people are after all […]

Untold Story About Credit For Negative

    Founded in 1964, Specas is one of the most renowned financial agencies in Brazil, authorized by the Flemor Bank of Brazil. Specas offers a loan to a very short list of people, but there is the Specas credit for negatives, which usually gets a lot of attention. It turns out that Specas only offers its services to civil […]

Online Personal Credit For Debt Financing

  Having debt is never a pleasant thing and we all know it. However, there is nothing that a personal online credit cannot solve. Sticking with the rope around your neck every month and seeing it getting harder and harder getting out of red is enough to discourage anyone, isn’t it? But don’t worry, we’re here to lend you a […]