Deer With Confirmed Chronic Wasting Disease In Weakley County, Tennessee | New

This photo taken in November 2000 shows a deer in Wyoming with visible signs of chronic wasting disease.

WEAKLEY COUNTY, TN – A Tennessee county in the Local 6 area went from a high risk of chronic wasting disease in deer to a county officially positive for CWD after a deer harvested there was tested positive for the disease.

The Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency announced on Friday that a case had been confirmed in Weakley County.

The TWRA says the export of deer carcasses and restrictions on wildlife feeding have been in place in Weakley County since it became at high risk. This high-risk status was in place due to the county’s proximity to Henry County, where a CWD positive deer had previously been found. These regulations remain in force.

TWRA says the only change for Weakley County is the change in status from high risk to positive, and the location where the deer was found does not affect the status of any other county.

cwd county map december 2021.jpg

A map provided by Tennessee Wildlife Resources shows counties in western Tennessee that are positive for chronic wasting disease (in red) and at high risk for disease affecting deer (in yellow).

The stag was taken between Dresden and the County line of Henry.

“Hunters have a great opportunity to help fight CWD by continuing to hunt and have their harvest tested,” Deputy Game Species Program Manager Stephanie Durno-Karns said in a statement Friday. “Through our Buck Replacement Program, positive deer do not count towards your bag limit and through the Fight CWD Incentive program, hunters will receive a voucher to cover meat processing costs for their next harvest of deer. ”

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