East Tennessee farmers are feeling the impact of supply chain issues

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee (WATE) – Prices go up on everything; Food, cars, houses, even children’s toys. People across the country are feeling it on a personal level, including the farmers here in eastern Tennessee.

Getting products to consumers has become more difficult.

“Sometimes it can be a trucking problem,” said Julie Walker of Ag Central Farmers Co-op. “Are there enough truck drivers available? Are there enough workers in a distribution warehouse to load the goods onto a truck to a delivery point, then does that grocery store have enough stockers to be able to keep that food on a shelf? ”

All of these factors contribute to the costs we see and the availability of the products we love.

“You could probably see price increases. Right now we’re seeing a sharp increase in pork prices, especially at the grocery store, ”Walker said. “I think if people buy locally, it could be a hair cheaper than what we would pay in a grocery store. The local beef would be the same.

Sadly, farmers don’t see these supply chain issues going away in the near future, but they are urging the public not to panic.

“America doesn’t have to worry about starving or being without food,” Walker said. “This is the first and most important thing. You may need to make a few different choices.

“If you find yourself in a difficult situation. Go to your local food bank. If you have the means and can contribute to your local food bank, do so because we’re all in the same boat.

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