Metro will soon start using newly licensed boosters

NASHVILLE, Tennessee (WTVF) – The director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has expanded eligibility for COVID-19 booster shots, to include Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines for some people.

The CDC also allows people to mix and match their booster shots.

The Metro Nashville Department of Public Health said it would follow the CDC’s direction and begin distributing the new boosters soon. Currently, Metro does not use the Moderna vaccine and only distributes Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson vaccines at its vaccination clinics and drive-thru sites.

However, with the new mixed booster clearance, someone who received the Johnson & Johnson single dose vaccine earlier this year could potentially come to the immunization clinic and request to receive the Pfizer vaccine as a booster.

The latest CDC clearance requires people 65 and older who have been given the two-dose Moderna regimen to receive their booster shots six months or more after the initial set. People aged 18 and over are also eligible if they have underlying health conditions that make them more susceptible to COVID-19, or if they work or live in high-risk settings.

People aged 18 and over who have received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine in one dose are allowed to be boosted two months after receiving the first vaccine. Fifteen million Americans have received the Johnson and Johnson vaccine since it became available this year.

According to the Tennessee Department of Health, more than 280,000 Tennessee residents have already received a COVID-19 booster vaccine.

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