Participatory Budget Steering Committee selects 17 local delegates | New

On Friday, 17 residents of Bordeaux and north Nashville were selected for the participatory budget project committee.

Delegates will learn about the legal, financial and equity specifics of the participatory budgeting project process.

Starting October 18, 2021, delegates will meet once a week with Metro services to help turn ideas submitted by the community into full proposals.

Here is the list of residents who have been selected as delegates to the participatory budget:

  • Erica Anderson
  • Dawn majors
  • Kendall Ashby
  • Quinta martin
  • Keith benion
  • Johari matthews
  • Deirdra Cox
  • Marlin parker
  • Ericka dixie
  • Elaine reese
  • Annecia Donigan
  • Kaitlin reynolds
  • Alycia Ehimen
  • beverly scott
  • Winnie Forrester
  • Cathy Weaver
  • Jamie Hancock

“I am very grateful to the local residents who have volunteered to lead the effort to turn ideas from the communities of Bordeaux and North Nashville into proposals,” Mayor John Cooper said in a statement. “The help of delegates is essential for the participatory budgeting process.

Residents who live within the project boundaries will vote for the proposals finalized in December.

Click here for more information on the first participatory budget project.

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