Payday loans debt consolidation -Quick app for a real debt consolidation

The economic crisis that most countries are going through has raised levels of financial stress, creating an excessive burden on the population. Financial tools are an excellent solution when we want to regain control of our finances.

Quick app for a real debt consolidation

It is normal for you to hear people speak badly about credits, and it is also normal for you to feel a little afraid when thinking about requesting money from a financial institution. However, the reality is very different from the perception one has. If you need a loan you are surely comparing different options. Here we disprove some of the most common myths about personal loans.

Believe it or not, more than 50% of the loans requested in Guatemala are used to consolidate or defray any debt. Ordering and organizing our personal finances can be difficult, but not impossible.

If your debts already bring you upside down and you don’t know how to end them, real debt consolidation via can become an attractive option. Here we tell you the steps you must follow to enjoy financial freedom:

  • List all the financial obligations you have acquired and order your fixed expenses.

  • Try to eliminate everything that is not absolutely necessary, so you will stop generating new debts.

  • Adjust your expenses and try to save, even a little every month.

  • Make clear planning of how you will pay your obligations according to your needs.

  • Request a loan to consolidate your debts.

Debt consolidation gathers all your debts in a single monthly payment

Avoid paying the annuity on your other cards, having different interest rates and financial commitments with different banks. Another great advantage is that the interest rate offered by debt consolidation is much lower than the average of all that you paid before and the monthly amount is much less than the sum of all the amounts you paid for all your debts.

In Bank Industrial, we have Easy loans that allow you to get closer to your goals, especially if you are looking for a debt consolidation that puts your finances in order. If you want to get more information about this service, do not hesitate to contact us! Click here to apply for your Easy loan and don’t let money be an impediment to achieving your goals. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and make your goals come true.

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