Tennessee offers 10,000 free air travel vouchers to visitors

Tennessee officials really want tourists to come to the state, and they’re offering travel vouchers to encourage a trip to country music country.

Travelers who book a two-night stay for the remainder of 2021 could get a $ 250 flight voucher under a $ 2.5 million program included in the state budget.

Vouchers are valid for flights to Nashville, Knoxville, Memphis and Chattanooga on Delta, American or Southwest airlines. Travelers will receive the voucher after booking a two-night stay under the “Tennessee on Me” program.

“Tennessee is known the world over for its music, scenic beauty and iconic attractions,” Tennessee Governor Bill Lee said in a statement. “We’re ready for people to come back to Tennessee ‘on me’, to enjoy statewide live music created by our talented musicians and songwriters like Brad Paisley.”

Paisley became the face of the campaign after the singer released his new single, “City of Music,” which inspired the State to pursue the idea.

“’City of Music’ is a love letter to Nashville and a tribute to all the pilgrims who come to this great city,” said Paisley. “I’m more excited than ever that live music is back in Tennessee and bigger than ever.”

To get the voucher, visitors must book their hotel online at the Tennessee on Me website or through its call center. The offer is available until September 15 or until all 10,000 vouchers are redeemed. Travel must take place between July 11 and December 30, and the two-night stay must include at least one day between Sunday and Wednesday.

At the time of booking, visitors will select their destination city, hotel of choice, and preferred airline voucher. More than 60 hotels are participating in the campaign.

Reservations are non-refundable and only one person per group is eligible for a voucher.

The lack of live entertainment options in 2020 has hurt the travel industry in Tennessee. Tourism is the state’s second-largest industry, generating $ 23 billion in travel spending in 2019 and nearly $ 2 billion in state and local tax revenue.

“Tourism is vital to restoring the state’s economic health and recovery, and this campaign will help fuel travel and visitor spending in the state,” the statement said.

The campaign is not without criticism, however. State Representative Gloria Johnson tweeted to Paisley that he had been cheated on by Governor Lee. July 3, 2021, while giving money to those outside our State ”, she wrote.

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